Chris Froome is working hard to be able to return to what he once was. He has had extraordinary career (including 4 Tours, 1 Giro, 2 Vuelta) and earns five million a year. After a serious accident 2 years ago, he suffered multiple fractures in a crash during the 2019 Criterium du Dauphine, he wants to be reborn and he his fighting to become a champion one again.

Following a lot of criticism towards his attempt, Froome decided to reply using his social media and posted a video on YouTube, stating that: “Over the last couple of races people said: ‘Hang up your bike, you’re done, you’re finished’. It just makes me laugh – those people don’t know how bad my injuries were,” and added “The more of those messages that come my way, the more it’s going to spur me on and motivate me to do even more.” Here is the full video below.