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Links to three articles/interviews on the tuscan former professional cyclist for Filotex, born in Camaioni di Carmignano

The heart is a superb piece of equipment. Simple, elegant and composed of the finest raw materials, it will go on and on. No need for annual upgrades, no fancy branding. You don’t even get a choice of color. What you do get is top-notch design that will last. And what’s more, you’ll never even think about it. As long as you treat it well, the heart will work away quietly in the background, the lynchpin of your whole operation. Rather like a Campagnolo Super Record bottom bracket…… full article by Paul Maunder @

🇮🇹 Nonno Bitossi, un ragazzino di 80 anni e quella maglia verde… For the full article by Gabriele Gentili @

Franco Bitossi, the Grand Champion with the “Crazy Heart”. Full interview by Valeria Paoletti @

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