Latest news in progress // 10 Feb 22

• Seventeen days later his after life-threatening collision, Egan Bernal is walking again. A miracle, according to many, made possible thanks to the great work of the team of doctors and surgeons at the Clinica Universitaria de La Sabana in Chia near Bogotà. From Bernal personal Instagram account


My first steps 😍

7 Feb 22

• From Bernal personal Instagram account

Happy to be born again 😌

After 13 days in hospital and five surgeries, Egan Bernal left the Clinica de la Universidad de La Sabana in Chiá, where he was admitted after a training accident. The Colombian of the Ineos Grenadiers was transferred from intensive care to continue his treatment in the normal hospital ward. Bernal left the University Clinic in a wheelchair but first wanted to thank the doctors who treated him by posing with them standing up without any apparent problem. After responding very well to the therapies he underwent,” explain the doctors, “Bernal can now start the real journey of rehabilitation. All his wounds are stable and on the mend, his situation does not present any complications and that is why we have decided to discharge him. We will continue to monitor his situation closely, also because Bernal will continue his rehabilitation process in our Clinic”

5 Feb 22

Good news continues to arrive from the Clinica de la Universidad de La Sabana in Chiá, where Egan Bernal is being treated. The latest bulletin issued by the doctors reads: ‘In light of his improvement and constant evolution, Egan has left the intensive care unit and be transferred to the ward. The response to pain control has improved and there have been no complications”. This is another important step for the Ineos Grenadiers rider, who has been hospitalised since 24 January.

3 Feb 22

  • From Bernal personal Instagram account

Almost 20 broken bones..
11 Ribs.
Ball joint.
a thumb
I dropped a tooth.
Perforation of both lungs.

I almost killed myself, but you know what? I am grateful to God for putting me through this test. It is being the toughest race, but I have had a group of excellent people around me.

Yesterday I had my last major surgery and everything seems to have gone well.

So now to recover and make this another… I’M BACK!! And let’s rock 🤘🏽

  • Successful operation for Egan Bernal. Having undergone spinal stabilisation surgery yesterday, the Ineos Grenadiers rider put another important step in his long recovery process behind him. According to the statement from the Clinica de la Universidad de La Sabana, “The objectives of biomechanical stability of the cervical spine were achieved with excellent clinical results and without complications during surgery. We will continue to monitor Bernal in his post-operative evolution, working towards a speedy recovery.” For the time being, Bernal will remain hospitalised at the Clinica de la Universidad de La Sabana.

2 Feb 22

Egan Bernal will undergo his fifth surgery today since crashing into a bus while training on his time trial bike on 24 January. The medical team at the Clinica Universidad de La Sabana, which is treating the Colombian rider, explained that today Bernal will undergo “a surgical intervention at the level of the cervical spine which aims to help his rehabilitation process”.

31 Jan 2022

  • More good news for Egan Bernal. The Clinica Unversidad de La Sabana has confirmed that “the recovery process is progressing favourably” for the Ineos Grenadiers rider, who yesterday finally had the drain removed from his lung, which had collapsed following a pneumothorax caused by trauma at the time of the crash. “This means that the treatment of his thoracic trauma can be continued satisfactorily,” say the doctors at the centre where he has been treated since the terrible accident. Another ‘very positive’ aspect is that he ‘shows no signs of infection’, with doctors remaining ‘very focused on pain control management’, while also continuing ‘nutritional support’.

30 Jan 2022

  • The ninth statement from the Clinica Universitaria de La Sábana on the condition of Egan Bernal has arrived and the picture that emerges continues to be positive. “The patient continues to follow the post-operative pain management protocol. As part of this process, a cervical-thoracic corset has been placed that will allow him better mobility and support him in his rehabilitation process. We are very attentive to the patient’s evolution and will communicate any news regarding his health status”.

29 Jan 2022

  • in a touching message from his twitter account Egan Bernal said: “Having had a 95% chance of becoming a paraplegic and nearly losing my life doing what I love to do most. Today I want to thank God, @ClinicaUsabana , all his specialists for doing the impossible, my family, @mafemotas and all of you…
  • Egan Bernal undergoes two successful secondary surgeries. In a new bulletin issued by the Clinica Universitaria de La Sabana, where the Colombian rider has been hospitalised since last Monday following a violent training accident, it is reported that the 24-year-old underwent the two secondary operations announced yesterday during the Italian night. The Ineos Grenadiers rider underwent an osteosynthesis procedure to repair the fracture of the second metacarpal of his right hand and a maxillofacial surgery to stabilise the dento-alveolar fractures in his mouth, both of which ended successfully.

28 Jan 2022

  • The new medical bulletin issued by doctors at the Clinica Universitaria de La Sabana explains that Egan Bernal will require two more minor surgeries. The first one is a reduction of the fracture in the second metacarpal of his right hand, while the second is a maxillofacial surgery “to resolve dento-alveolar fractures”. Doctors at the Clínica Universidad de La Sabana in Bogota have said that the Ineos Grenadiers rider’s recovery  “continued with a favorable evolution.”
  • According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Bernal was able to call his agent Giuseppe Acquadro from the hospital. Bernal told Acquadro that he was still in pain, but in a good spirit and that the rider was ready to start a full recovery programme. 

27 Jan 2022

  • Another crash for Ineos in Colombia. 25-year-old Colombian Brandon Rivera in the same hospital as Egan Bernal after crashing while training in the same area of Colombia. “Unfortunately, @_brandon_2103 has crashed while training in Colombia today (Thursday) and been taken to hospital. He’s suffered a fractured and dislocated elbow, and has dislocated his AC joint,” Ineos said in a statement on Twitter.

26 Jan 2022

  • In a new statement from Juan Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, General Director of the Clinic of the University of La Sabana, it was learned that the Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal “is conscious” and “with mobility of the four limbs”, after undergoing several surgeries last Monday.

25 Jan 2022

  • ‘Egan Bernal is mentally strong and will come back from this’ says his agent Giuseppe Acquadro. Italian draws a parallel with Marco Pantani and explains Bernal is ‘in good hands’ with family and team support. Full article by Stephen Farrand
  • Juan Carlos Castro, from the National Police Transit and Transport Department said that “Egan Bernal was training for a time trial, which is different to the usual. It is an aerodynamic position and his head goes in the direction of the handlebars, trying to cut the wind”. Egan Bernal did not see the manoeuvre carried out by the bus, hitting the back of it.. The bus that was initially described as stationary was in the process of parking to drop off passengers. The impact occurred a few kilometres from Bernal’s hometown of Zipaquirà in Gachancipá. The Colombian did not see the obstacles and crashed at a speed of more that 65km/h.
  • The Sabana Clinic confirmed in a statement that the cyclist passed his third surgery and Egan Bernal underwent successful spinal surgery. In order to be under constant monitoring, the cyclist will spend the next three days in the Intensive Care Unit of the Sabana Clinic.

24 Jan 2022

  • Egan Bernal has successfully undergone surgeries and will spend the next 72 hours in intensive care. The university clinic issued a new medical bulletin in the early hours of this morning, the second since the rider was admitted, clarifying the type of surgery Bernal underwent. According to the Clinic, the dislocation suffered by the fifth and sixth vertebrae was successfully treated, in an operation in which the nerve and functional capacity of the area between vertebrae 3 and 8 was also maintained. Bernal had undergone an initial operation in which the fractures in his femur and kneecup and the insertion of a drain for a lung injury were treated, with good preliminary results. At the end of the first surgery, the Sabana University Clinic also reported that the cyclist had fractured several vertebrae and another fracture in his left shoulder blade. Mobility and functionality are not compromised but it is believed that it will be out of action for at least six months
  • The police have opened an investigation to better understand the dynamics of the accident. Bernal was training with some teammates when he suddenly collided with a bus that was ahead of him and which, according to some witnesses, stopped to let some passengers off.
  • In an official statement, the Sabana University Clinic confirmed the serious injuries suffered by Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal after he was involved in a road accident while training with his INEOS teammates. The clinic confirmed that Bernal underwent three surgeries, two of which were used to reconstruct his femur and kneecap. The third was a thoracic spine intervention.
  • Various local media are reporting that Bernal suffered a bone fracture and that, he has broken his femur and kneecap
  • In an official statement The Clinica Universidad de La Sabana has informed that Egan Bernal was admitted to the emergency unit in the morning via an ambulance and “he was examined across the board by specialists. In light of the findings, he must undergo surgery in the coming hours due to multiple injuries: vertebral and thoracic trauma, blunt trauma of the thorax, musculoskeletal trauma, and trauma to the lower limbs. For the moment he is haemodynamically stable…”
  • A short video after the accident and awaiting for the ambulance
  • in a short statement, the Ineos Grenadiers team confirmed that Egan Bernal has been taken to hospital following a training accident in Colombia this morning. He was conscious, in stable conditions and undergoing further assessment. Bernal crashed at 10am local time into the back of a bus parked on the verge on the right-hand side of the road. He was training with some teammates but did not notice the bus and collided with it.

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