London, 2020 – Amid a global pandemic, a trio of Italian entrepreneurs in London have been secretly working on a hefty goal: to elevate pasta beyond its mere carb-loading properties and to turn it into performance food.

Pasta Plant created a superfood out of roots, seeds, flowers and greens, which they then shaped into pasta. The resulting product is something that sportspeople, in particular those who need to exert prolonged physical effort such as cyclists, could really get behind.

This innovative pasta is loaded with plant-based protein (as high as 61g of protein per 100g of product) from a mix of sources to aid muscle recovery and growth, low in carbs at 19%, and high in minerals and Omega-3s – benefits of these fatty acids include reduced exercise-induced inflammation and improved anabolic effect of training.

Finally, the company claims their products are both gluten-free and soy-free.

Although the nutritional facts alone make this product stand out among other options, one might be forgiven for wondering if the taste is any good.

“After more than two-thousand tests, we cracked the balance of ingredients to give the highest nutritional value while maintaing a really good taste that works with any pasta recipe” – said the CEO, Daniele Siro – “As Italians, we take pasta very seriously. To put it bluntly, if it didn’t taste great, we wouldn’t sell it.”